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About AIE Youth Scholarships

The Australian Institute of Energy is pleased to be able to offer an Energy Study Scholarship to young AIE members. The Youth Study Scholarships are awarded on an annual basis, with the next offer expected to open in the second quarter of calendar 2017. Brief guidelines are as follows:


To assist a young AIE member to further their knowledge in an energy related discipline through study and/or visits to relevant industries and facilities.

The knowledge gained should be applied to the benefit of the individual undertaking the scholarship, the AIE and the community in general.

Use of Scholarship Funds

Scholarships may be used for:

  •     Official enrolment fees for an approved course, seminar or conference.
  •     Approved expenses in relation to attending a course, seminar or conference
  •     Approved expenses incurred in association with a planned study tour
  •     Other appropriate areas of expenditure approved by the selection committee.


To be eligible for selection a person must:

At the closing date for applications be a current AIE member, aged 35 or less, who has been a financial member of the AIE in any category, including Student, for at least 12 months.

Propose to examine or study an energy related area.


Applications must be in writing and include the Summary Application Form, and the other requirements in the downloadable Application Form and Guidelines.

Applicants must submit a realistic planned programme covering the itinerary and expected activities to be financed including airfares and accommodation if applicable

Applicants must submit a budget for the proposed scholarship.


Upon the return of the recipient to Australia or completion of the Scholarship activities, he/she must present within 6 months a paper to a technical meeting of his/her AIE Branch or a written paper shall be produced which the AIE shall have the right to publish in its Journal and or website.

The recipient may be required to present his/her paper to other groups, if necessary, at the AlE's expense.


  •     Funds provided shall be to cover the expenses of the applicant, not his/her family or travelling companion(s).
  •     Scholarships are to be commenced within 12 months of the date of the award.
  •     Normally a scholarship will be limited to a maximum of $5,000.
  •     This amount is reviewed by the AIE Board from time to time.
  •     No applicant may receive more than one scholarship.


Applications are expected to open in the second quarter of calendar 2017. AIE members wishing to apply for a scholarship should await the announcement of the opening date for applications. They can then download the application form and instructions from the AIE website. In the meantime, enquiries can be directed to the AIE Secretariat on 1800 629 945 or

AIE Scholarship Winners

AIE 2016 Scholarship Winner - Caitlin Trethewy     

AIE 2015 Scholarship Winner - Megan Aspinall     

AIE 2014 Scholarship Winner - Carmen Wouters     

AIE 2013 Scholarship Winner - Joel Baker     

AIE 2012 Scholarship Winner - Elisabeth Tourneboeuf