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AIE Newcastle | A Different Way of Looking at Our Power Systems

Venue: University of Newcastle

Date: Thu 21 Nov 2019 @ 4:45pm to 6:30pm

Traditional power systems have been based on large generation units connected to high voltage transmission systems which are subsequently connected to medium and low voltage distribution systems. The reasons for this are obvious: 
  • low levelised cost of electricity
  • good reliability of supply; • relatively easy planning, analysis, protection and earthing
  • inherent transient storage; and
  • safety is able to be handled in a sensible manner. 

The advent of cheap solar panels combined with an explosion in the retail cost of electricity in Australia has meant that electricity consumers are now able to generate their own electricity at prices far below the retail price and even below the wholesale price offered by large generators. The first point in the list above is no longer true for Australia. 

This talk investigates a scenario whereby the bulk of a systems energy is generated locally by small distributed generators and discusses how the problem of controlling this multitude of distributed sources may be able to be achieved. 

The Speaker, Terry Summers is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Newcastle.  

Dr. Summers has published over 100 refereed journal and conference papers and is a member of the IEEE and Engineers Australia. 

6:00-6:30 pm: Panel discussion with speaker and a range of energy industry experts. 

A brief (20 minute) Annual General Meeting will follow the presentation with all welcome to attend an informal dinner and drinks at the Jesmond Hotel. 

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Date: Thursday, 21st November 2019

Time: 4:45pm start for a 5:00pm start to 6:30pm

Venue: Room ES204 Engineering Science Building, University of Newcastle

Cost: Members Free | Non-members Free

Livestreaming: Available only to members FREE

Please RSVP by 18 Nov to: and please state if you will be attending in person or by livestreaming

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