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AIE South Australia | The Energy Security Board’s post 2025 market design – The scale of the challenge and the change needed

Venue: Online

Date: Thu 24 Sep 2020 @4:45pm ACST- Adelaide Time

Join the South Australian Branch of the Australian Institute of Energy for an online presentation from David Swift, Deputy Chair of the Energy Security Board.

The former COAG Energy Council asked the Energy Security Board (ESB) to advise on a long-term, fit-for-purpose market design for the National Electricity Market (NEM) in March 2019. The request recognised the challenges faced by the current market design and that a new or evolved design was needed for the future.  Any new market design should comply with the National Electricity Objective, contribute to delivering more affordable energy and satisfied consumers, and be consistent with the objectives set out in the Finkel Review.

The ESB is progressing the task in collaboration with the national energy market bodies and recently published a consultation paper outlining the challenges, setting out the work completed to date and indicating the ESB’s thinking on aspects of the future design.  The project is continuing the task of recommending a coherent fit-for-purpose market design for the future by mid-2021. 

In this session David will address the substantial changes occurring in the NEM which drive the need for change.  He will then outline the nature and scope of the potential solutions being considered.  There will then be an opportunity for discussion.

David has worked in the electricity industry for many years, initially in South Australia. He has worked on, or been involved in, the national energy markets in various roles since the late 1990s. David was a member of the executive leadership team of the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) from its inception until 2019. David has had a strong involvement in work to integrate renewable energy into the national grid, prior to and during his time at AEMO.  He led AEMO’s “Future Power System Security Program” seeking to ensure that the security of Australia’s evolving energy markets is maintained with the changing generation mix and the first Integrated System Plan for the NEM.

Prior to the formation of AEMO, David was the Chief Executive of the South Australian Electricity Supply Industry Planning Council. David is the Deputy Chair of the Energy Security Board and a commissioner at the Essential Services Commission of South Australia.  He is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, the Australian Institute of Energy and the Australian C5 Panel of Cigré, the International Council on Large Electric Systems.

Cost: $10


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