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AIE Sunshine Coast | USC Renewable Energy District Cooling

Venue: USC Sunshine Coast

Date: Thu 05 Dec 2019 @ 5:00pm to 7:30pm

Interactive site tour and presentation of the globally recognised district cooling and storage plant at USC powered by renewable energy

The University of the Sunshine Coast has received global accolades for their recently commissioned renewable energy fueled district cooling and storage plant. The project was developed in partnership with Veolia.

Interactive site tour and presentation to give an overview of the project journey, key learnings, performance so far and how the technology can be implemented elsewhere.

Engineering highlights of the project include:

  • 8.2 MW cooling network peak flow rate of 140L/s in summer
  • 1.6km of piping serving 15 buildings
  • 2.1MW solar PV across rooftop and car-park structures
  • Installation of two highly efficient and environmentally-friendly HFO chillers
  • Construction of a 4.5ML chilled water tank (which effectively acts as a thermal battery)
  • Development of a high-end plant room, which not only incorporates innovative engineering solutions but is also designed to function as a teaching and learning space for current and future students.
  • Implementation of an advanced Building Management Control System (BMS), allowing sophisticated and real-time management of the PV solar output to create chilled water (for air-conditioning purposes), to use in building energy consumption or to export to the electricity grid.
  • Ultra filtration lake water recovery plant

Angela Cooney, Veolia

Sustainable Solutions Manager

Dennis Frost, University of the Sunshine Coast

Manager, Energy and Infrastructure 

Angela has been working with Veolia for the past 11 years and is helping clients to implement solutions that improve their economic, environmental and social outcomes. She is an experienced Facilities, Environment and Sustainability Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the environmental services industry with a circular economy focus. Skilled in sustainability, energy projects, communication, operations, environmental solutions, environmental issues, environmental compliance and remediation.  Angela sits on the Australian Institute of Energy Committee, Sunshine Coast and has previously chaired the QLD Waste Management Association of Australia (WMAA) Waste Educators Group and was a member of the QLD WMAA Committee. She is also an Accredited Green Star Professional.

Dennis commenced work at USC in 2012. In the past seven years he has implemented a range of innovative strategies and projects which save energy and reduce the University’s environmental impact.

Dennis has held a variety of roles with Universities over his career. He first started with ANU Canberra 35 years ago, then more recently with JCU and now USC. He has implemented a vast range of energy management initiatives across all universities.

Notable achievements have been the implementation of advanced district cooling systems with thermal energy storage at JCU Townsville and Cairns.

Event Details

Date:               Thursday 5th December 2019
Time:              5.00 pm arrival for 5:30 pm tour followed by presentation.
                        Finish 7.30 pm
Venue:            University of the Sunshine Coast, Sippy Downs
                        Meet at the plant room next to car park 11A
Cost:               General Admission $35
                        AIE Members $25
                        Engineers Australia Members $25
                        Students $15


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