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The Australian Institute of Energy (AIE) provides a forum to bring together the various disciplines concerned with the use of energy, in its wider sense, within Australia. This ranges across the industrial, commercial, government, research and development, education, environment and social sectors.

The Institute's members include accountants, economists, engineers, fuel scientists and technologists, geologists, government employees, lawyers, managers and merchant bankers; all of whom are in some way involved in the energy industry. In addition, many Australian and international companies or organisations are Corporate Members of the AIE.

The Institute has active programs for its Young Energy Professionals (YEPS) who include younger members (35 and under) from any grade and Student Members.

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If you are interested in transferring to a different grade of membership, please contact the AIE Secretariat to receive further details on the process.

Recruit a friend to become an AIE Member, Fellow or Associate and you’ll get 25% off your next subscription renewal.

In order to receive your discount, please ensure your friend clearly lists your name on the application form as 'Recruited by ...........'

* Offer not available for recruiting Graduate or Student Members. Corporate Members are ineligible to receive the discount for membership nominations.

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Australian Institute of Energy
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