Australian Institute o f Energy

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Past Events 2019





AIE Sunshine Coast

23 May 2019

AIE Sunshine Coast | Hydrogen Energy

Australia's Transition to a Hydrogen Future - Claire Johnson

AIE Yep Sydney

16 May 2019

AIE YEP Sydney | Financing Renewable Energy Projects - Challenges & Opportunities

AIE Yep Melbourne

15 May 2019

AIE YEP Melbourne | Latrobe Valley Tour

AIE Brisbane

8 May 2019

AIE Brisbane | Retail Electricity Prices: Regulated Default Offer or a Competitive Market?

AIE YEP Melbourne 

3 May 2019

AIE YEP Melbourne | Site Visit: Monash Microgrid Clayton


30 April 2019

AIE YEP Perth | WEM Insights

AIE Newcastle

17 April 2019

AIE Newcastle - Hydrogen's Back: This Time for Real?

AIE Sydney

16 April 2019

AIE Sydney - The Move to Low Sulphur Marine Fuel Oil: Its Impact on the Marine and Petroleum Industries, Australia and the World

Australian Institue of Petroleum: IMO 2020 - Paul Barrett

The Move to Low Sulphur Fuel: Impacts on the Shipping Industry - Angela Gillham

AIE South Australia 

11 April 2019

AIE South Australia - The Business Case for Transitioning to Clean Energy

AIE Brisbane

10 April 2019

AIE Brisbane - Natural Gas in Australia - Outlook to 2050

AIE YEP Sydney

9 April 2019

AIE YEP Sydney - Dissection of Federal Energy Policies: Election Edition

AIE Brisbane

27 March 2019

AIE Brisbane - Coal And Climate Risk - What Does The Future Hold?

AIE Sydney

25 March 2019

AIE Sydney - The Challenges for Transitioning to a Low-Carbon Economy

AIE Melbourne

25 March 2019

AIE YEP Melbourne – Site Visit: AGL Somerton Power Station

AIE Sydney

21 March 2019

AIE YEP Sydney - Challenges for Energy Entrepreneurs

AIE Perth

18 March 2019

AIE Perth - HYDROGEN - The Challenges & Opportunities

Hydrogen Highway - Peter Kasprzak

The time of H2 has come - Raymond Schmid

AIE Melbourne

8 March 2019

AIE YEP Melbourne - A trip to Eildon on International Women’s Day

AIE Perth

8 March 2019

AIE YEP Perth - Networking 101

AIE Perth

6 March 2019

AIE Perth - Luncheon with Minister for Energy: Bill Johnston

A Brighter Energy Future - Hon Bill Johnston

AIE Melbourne

26 February 2019

AIE YEP Melbourne - Networking & Drinks Evening

AIE Sydney                   

25 February 2019

AIE Sydney - Annual Meeting of the Four Societies

Legal considerations pertaining to nuclear energy as an option for Australia - Helen Cook

AIE Perth

21 February 2019

AIE WIE Perth - Networking Drinks and Meet the Committee

AIE Brisbane

20 February 2019

AIE Brisbane - Connecting Battery Storage In The NEM - Opportunities And Challenges

Horsndale Power Reserve - Steve Wilson

Connecting Battery Storage in the NEM - Paul Newman

AIE Perth

19 February 2019

AIE Perth - Oil, Gas and Coal: A look into the future for Western Australia 

Coal - Murray Meaton

Gas (&Oil) in WA - Martin Wilkes

AIE South Australia    

19 February 2019

AIE South Australia - Oil and LNG Markets in Turmoil: Where Next?