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AIE 2013 Scholarship Winner - Joel Baker

Joel BakerJoel Baker has been fortunate enough to travel on exchange to the United States where he will finish his final year of studies at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Joel is currently a fourth year engineering student of Griffith University in Brisbane where he is working towards a bachelor of electrical/electronic engineering with a major in Sustainable Energy Systems.

For his final year he has been attending classes in: Energy Resource Management, Professional Development, Antenna Theory and Microwave Engineering. Over the first semester, Joel was hired to work in the Laboratory for Sustainable and Nano-Manufacturing where has been assisting in research on perovskite based dye-sensitised solar cells as well as lithium ion battery structures and nano materials.

In the second part of the year, Joel will be completing his Industry Affiliates Program (similar to a thesis) where he will continue his researching, designing and testing of specific Dye Sensitized Solar Cell materials and production methods. For this project Joel will be working along side other researchers to investigate the perovskite solar cell based on graphene/titanium dioxide hybrid electrode. The studies are targeted at improving the power conversion efficiency of current level by 20-40%. The study will provide a promising approach for new solar electrode design and identify
some critical parameters for future perovskite solar cell development.The Scholarship given to Joel was used to aid in tuition and living expenses over the year period. He was very grateful to receive the support and looks forward to his continued involvement with AIE upon return to Australia.

Click here to access the sCholarship report