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AIE Melbourne | Energy technology performing under (heat) stress

Venue: Online

Date: Fri 17 Jul 2020 @12:00 AEST

The reliability of different energy technologies was in the spotlight last summer with dispatch targets misaligned with actual realised power output. A reason for this mismatch of expectations may have been due to the operational characteristics of different technologies at high temperatures.

The Australian Institute of Energy is convening an important discussion to clarify the electricity supply/temperature relationship which is presently an obscure feature of our changing energy system.


Judith Landsberg: Judith has a broad background, starting with a PhD in physics from Oxford University, four years management consulting with McKinsey & Co in NY and eventually a Masters in Environmental Leadership from Duke. Judith ran a sustainability charity in Bermuda, which focused, in part, on transforming the electricity system in Bermuda. She was the team leader at the City of Melbourne for the delivery of the Melbourne Renewable Energy Project and is currently coordinating the Electricity Sector Climate Information project – a collaboration between the Bureau of Meteorology, CSIRO, AEMO and the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources.

Paul McArdle: Paul McArdle is the Managing Director of Global-Roam, a software company whose mission is to make the electricity market understandable for a diverse range of industry stakeholders, including through the widely-read WattClarity commentary site, the Generator Report Card 2018 and Generator Statistical Digest 2019. Originally a Mechanical Engineer over three decades of energy sector experience across five continents, Paul has focused for the past 20 years of helping a still growing number of clients make better decisions through the software developed by Global-Roam.

Moderated by Monishka Narayan.

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