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AIE Sydney - 2020 Mentoring Program

Venue: This program does not require a venue

Date: Fri 01 May 2020 @ - Registrations will run from 6 April 2020 - 1 May 2020

Following a successful launch in 2019, the Sydney Branch of the Australian Institute of Energy (AIE) is again providing a mentoring program in 2020 and is seeking applications from mentors and mentees.

The program is designed to create value and personal and professional development opportunities for mentees.
To achieve these aims, both parties should be prepared to share knowledge, experiences and ideas. The meetings should have an open agenda that is set by the mentee, but should focus on personal, professional and/or career growth. The program is also seen as a way to increase interaction between all members.

The mentoring program is not intended to be for consulting, training or recruiting. Mentors are not expected to solve problems for mentees but will hopefully provide useful suggestions and potential directions for the mentee to follow up with their own research.

Applications are open to all financial AIE Members.

Prior to applying for the Mentoring Program please read the Guidelines and Code of Conduct here

The mentoring program will run until 13 November 2020.


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