AIE VIC 2020 Postgraduate Energy Student Poster Competition

Date: Fri 30 Oct 2020

The Australian Institute of Energy Victoria Branch is pleased to conduct the 2020 AIE Victorian Student Poster Awards as a virtual event. This is because the All-Energy Conference & Exhibition has been cancelled. 

The AIE Poster Awards promote the interaction of University research students based in Victoria with the energy community in an informal environment and presents AIE members and the public with an excellent opportunity to assess the range and quality of energy research currently under way. 

Projects are from a wide range of research fields: non-technical (social, legal and economic studies) and technical (renewables, fossil fuels, storage, materials, efficiency, design, environment, transport, power).

The student poster as an A0 sized PDF, a one page summary, and a supporting 5 minute video, are on display online for the month of October.

An awards event can hopefully be held publicly in November. In the event that that is not possible the awards will be presented via a webinar.

View the Poster Playlist HERE
View the PDF of all of the posters HERE 

Designing water tolerant ionic liquid electrolytes to enable abundant 
sodium-based energy storage technologies

3Qiaoqiao (Shelly)ZhouMonashSelective Deoxygenation of Biomass Volatiles into Light Oxygenates 
Catalyzed by S-Doped, Nano-size Zinc-Rich Scrap Tyre Char with 
In-situ Formed Multiple Acidic Sites
4SAHELIBISWASMonashEnergy efficiency comparison of CO2 valorization to methane through 
different electrolytic routes
5ChandanKunduMonashConversion of biomass towards energy and platform chemicals
6YuQiMonashInvestigation of nickel species on poisoned fluid catalytic cracking catalysts in petroleum refineries
7Masood SAlivandMelbourneThe role of advanced nanocatalysts on energy-efficient CO2 capture
8WenhuaLingRMITA Motif-based Classification Algorithm for Identifying Solar Panel Installations
9PrakashAryalMonashRenewable hydrogen production from Australian sugarcane bagasse via catalytic Reactive Flash Volatilisation (RFV) 
10Krishna TejaKasturiMonashAustralia's expected photovoltaic waste crisis mitigation through innovative recycling process
11TanvirAlamMonashEffect of potassium loss on the biomass ash slagging propensity and bio-slag flowability under mild reducing environment 
12SashaYangMonashMechanistic Study on the Synergistic Interaction between Individual Components During the Flash Pyrolysis of Woody Biomass
13SamanAhmadiMonashPlanning Energy Efficient Routes for Electric Vehicles
14AngelaSimonovskaMelbournePhase Grouping of Residential Customers Using Smart Meter Data
15ArthurGoncalves GivisiezMelbourneDivide and Conquer: Large-Scale DER Orchestration using Distributed Optimisation
16YidanZhangMonashToward Improving Energy Awareness of Commercial Building Users
17WilliamNacmansonMelbourneOn the Role of Pre-Curtailed Residential PV for Primary Frequency Response
18BrianJongMonashEngineering Bacteria for the Electrosynthesis of Sustainable Fuels and Chemicals
19Rakshitha GodahewaMonashSimulation and Optimisation of Air Conditioning Systems using Machine Learning
20Mehdi Ghazavi DozeinMelbourneTechnical Challenges in Integration of Large-scale Batteries into Weak Grids 
21CarmenBas DomenechMelbournePlanning power systems under uncertainty: The dilemma of decision-making 
22DillonJaglalMelbourneUnlocking Frequency Response Potential from Residential Batteries using Active Droops
23MichaelLiuMelbourneAssessing the Fairness of Solar PV Curtailment Schemes

AIE VIC Branch would like to thank our generous sponsors, without their support the competition would not be possible, and the students awards would not have a financial reward.

SILVER Sponsor: BayWa Renewable Energy.  

BRONZE Sponsor: Seed Advisory

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