Australian Institute o f Energy

Leadership in Energy

Past Events 2020


AIE South Australia 

24 March 2020

Australia’s Competitiveness in the Global LNG Market

AIE Brisbane 

12 March 2020

Net Zero Emissions By 2050 – Balancing Opportunities and Risks

Tim Buckley Presentation

AIE Sydney

19 March 2020

Concentrating Solar Thermal Power - A Solution to the Intermittency Challenges of Variable Renewables

AIE Perth

25 February 2020

Jessica Shaw - Microgrids Inquiry Breakfast Event Video

Jessica Shaw - Microgrids Inquiry Presentation 

AIE YEP South Australia 

25 February 2020

Net-Zero 2050: The Greatest Technical Opportunity of Our Time

AIE YEP Melbourne 

14 February 2020

Site Visit: AEMO Gas Control Room

AIE WiE Perth

13 February 2020

Meet our Committee and Networking

AIE South Australia

12 February 2020

Short Term Forecasting for the National Electricity Market - Sundowner 


11 February 2020


Agnew Project: Hybrid-Renewable Generation in Mining

AIE Brisbane

5 February 2020

An Honest Discussion About Energy in The 2020s

Video and Presentation Slides


AIE Melbourne

5 February 2020

Hydrogen Energy Forum 2020

Event Video - Apologies, first 15 minutes not captured

Erwin Penfornis of Air Liquide

Alfred Wong of Ballard

Jonathan Anderson of ARUP

John Poon of Jacobs

Rosalie Hocking of Swinburne University