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The Japan-Australia Energy Dialogue - AIE Members Welcome!

AIE members are invited to attend the Japan-Australia Energy Dialogue on Thursday to Friday, 22-23 March 2018 at the Australian National University, Acton ACT 2601


Please register for this event by following this link.


There is an urgent need to redesign energy policy and law in Australia and Japan in order to promote innovation and achieve deep decarbonisation. This is necessary to meet the Paris Agreement targets which include zero net emissions shortly after 2050.

We invite leading Japanese and Australian scholars, policymakers and entrepreneurs to share their experience and perspectives on energy policy issues in Japan and Australia. The Dialogue will provide a high-level forum for energy scholars and policymakers to discuss challenges facing the energy sector.


Speakers include

Japanese counterparts

  • Hitoshi Ushijima, Professor of Law, Chuo University
  • David Litt, Professor of Law, Keio University
  • Satoshi Kurokawa, Professor of Law, Waseda University
  • Yukari Takamura, Professor of International Law, Nagoya Univerity

Australian counterparts

  • Veronica Taylor, Professor, School of Regulation and Global Governance (RegNet)
  • Professor Kenneth Baldwin, Director, Energy Change Institute ANU
  • Beyhad Jafari, CEO Electric Vehicle Council


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