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The Women in Energy network was launched in Perth in early 2015 to connect, support and inspire women in WA’s energy sector.

Our vision is to:

  • increase the visibility and profile of women in the energy industry; 
  • provide an opportunity for these women to build their networks and share knowledge and experiences; 
  • provide a platform for advocacy on gender diversity and inclusion; and 
  • increase retention of talented women in the industry and help them develop their careers.

The network has grown significantly and now runs a series of highly successful networking sessions, skills-based workshops and panel discussions aimed at improving diversity in the energy sector, particularly in senior leadership.

Our events attract professionals from all across the energy sector, including oil and gas producers, energy retailers, network operators, market operators, state and local government, regulators and consultants.

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About Women in Energy

'Women in Energy' is a network launched in 2015 to connect, support and inspire women in the energy sector.

We are a subset of the Australian Institute of Energy’s Perth branch. This keeps our governance requirements simple, so we can focus on achieving our core objectives.

Women in Energy’s Executive Committee is responsible for the strategic direction of the network, and organising regular events. We meet once a month and hold an annual strategy session at the beginning of the calendar year, usually in February.

The Executive Committee roles and responsibilities are set out in our Terms of Reference.