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Leadership in Energy


To promote understanding and awareness of energy issues and the development of responsible energy policies in Australia.


  • A strong independent Institute, representative of all energy sectors, actively networking and debating economic, environmental, social and technology issues;
  • Effective communication and interaction between members;
  • Excellence in the provision of services to members;
  • Collaboration with related organisations, in Australia and overseas, in advancing members' interests;
  • High standards of member conduct, competence and achievement and professional interest and inquiry; and
  • Enhanced community awareness of issues in the production and use of energy and in responsible energy policies.


  • To encourage dynamic Branches throughout Australia, with active programmes supporting members' interests and debating relevant issues;
  • To encourage and enhance interaction between members and other interested parties at Institute meetings and conferences and through the Institute's internet site and journal;
  • To undertake continuous improvement in member services and develop new, innovative activities for members;
  • To develop collaborative arrangements with professional organisations and associations, accessing relevant programmes and publications for members;
  • To facilitate participation by students and younger members in Institute activities
  • To promote training opportunities;
  • To encourage and recognise excellence and high professional standards in members' activities through awards; and
  • To publicise and promote Institute activities and views to governments and in the wider community.


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